Madisen carries a deep fondness for visual imagery; drawn to its ability to communicate emotion, harbor memories, and distort reality. Born and raised in New Lenox, IL enveloped by loving family, friends, and corn fields; this environment allowed her passions to take root. Inspired by the vast landscapes surrounding her, the relationships in her small-ish town, her own coming of age, and the memories she was collecting; she followed her heart down South to Savannah, GA. There, she pursued a B.F.A in Photography with a minor in Printmaking at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Through this education, Madisen was exposed to many mediums and techniques that allowed her to expand her creativity and produce works driven by passion and new experiences. After falling in love with the warmth of the weather and people in Savannah, she has made it her home. Forever in search of understanding, today, she continues to explore the big ideas that keep her up at night through: digital photography, film photography, videography, and a multitude of printing processes.