All is Vanity

A Silver Gelatin Print Collection
By: Madisen Hipelius

It is the nature of the human condition to seek importance in our existence. We are aware of the transience of our own life and the permeance of Time. This awareness subconscious or realized spurs a desire for the eternal. We spend our entire existence yearning for anything everlasting. This is where the human fault lies.

Eternity is incompressible in the context of a human life. Rot and decay are inherent to anything living. Tarnish and fragility are inherent to anything manmade. Life implies death. Everything worldly is subject to Time.

Human emotion is Fickle and fleeting. Human though is distorted by perception. We are blind to the Truth. In this blindness we seek understanding. However, this knowledge can not free us. For all that we can learn is restricted to what we touch and what we see. Everything tangible is intrinsically human and consequently impermeant.

This impermanence can be unsettling when one attempts to find the answers to our existence in material goods or the pursuit of pleasures. The feelings loss and disparity will become insurmountable if the greatest value is attributed to things of this world. We must seek something greater. Something more remarkable than humanity and superior to Everything humanity has created. Something quite possibly beyond human comprehension.