A Digital Photographic Series
By: Madisen Hipelius

Nymphs are otherworldly creatures that seamlessly embody all the beauty of the natural world. They are the spirit of nature and nature itself. They are woman, they are water, they are trees, they are animals, they are the air we breathe.

The aim in creating a modern visual representation of the Nymph, this provides a visual association of humanity and nature as indistinguishable from each other. Illustrating how nature and humanity do not unintentionally mimic each other, instead, each is part of the same larger whole. We exist simultaneously and optimistically symbiotically.

Nymphs are not immortal like Gods and Goddesses. Their beauty can be tainted or even destroyed at the hands of man. Our world is a gift, not something to be used for gain and eventual disposal. it is imperative to maintain a personal connection to nature, to never forget Mother Nature bore us and sustains us. To always remember we exist at Her mercy, and to give Her and what She has created proper respect.